W263 multicolor


W263 teal

W243 multicolor

W243 blue

W243 iridescent rainbow

K73 multi pink

W247A black

W247A red

W247A teal

W281 teal

W281 natural bone

W281 purple

W281 coral peach

W281 light teal

W278 red

W278 natural bone

W278 teal

W322 black

W322 red

W322 natural bone

W322 teal

W322 coral peach

NAJ59-BRACE black

NAJ59-BRACE purple


NAJ59-BRACE teal

NAJ59-BRACE natural bone

NAJ59-BRACE coral peach

K50 multi black

K50 pink purple

K50 multi teal

K50 multi purple

K50 coral peach

T145 light teal

T145 coral peach

T145 natural bone

T145 dark teal

T145 multicolor

T145 light purple

A241 black

A241 purple

A241 teal turquoise

A241 coral peach

Each and every bracelet is hand crafted with love by lovely artisan women in Rajasthan


K73 multi black

K73 multi natural

K73 multi purple

K73 multi teal

K73 pink purple

SHO 333 dark brown

SHO 333 camel brown

W206A black

W206A red

W206A teal

W206A natural bone

W281 multicolor

W278 black


W263 red

W263 black