W317 natural bone

W317 red

W317 black

W317 teal

AJ455 red

AJ455 teal

Naj59-EAR red

Naj59-EAR coral peach

Naj59-EAR black

Naj59-EAR teal

Naj59-EAR natural/bone

K306 teal/turquoise

K306 black

K322 teal/turquoise

K322 red/maroon

K322 black

AJ212 silver

AJ212 gold

Earring collection

N106 white

N108 purple

N108 red

W341 natural bone

N106 blue

N108 black

N108 teal

W341 red

GS Tree 1 gold

GS TREE 2 silver

GS TREE 2 gold

W341 teal

AJ455 black

N106 teal

N106 red

W341 coral peach

Naj59-EAR purple

N106 black

N106 purple

All earrings are hand made with love and are nickel free, lead free and cadmium free

W341 black

GS Tree 1 silver