We are VERY proud to support

The Free School under the Bridge project.

This classroom has no walls, and is literally held under a freeway bridge for protection from the elements. The volenteers make a commitment to these children by providing a no-cost education to those who are willing to show up and work hard for it.

Salt and Spice jewelry has made a commitment to help provide pencils, paper and textbooks. As you can imagine, it is not easy to study with thousands of cars speeding on a freeway above your head, but these children want to DARE dream of a better future!

In many third world countries education is a luxury that many families can not afford. Free School Under the Bridge, in New Delhi, India, is trying to change this for the poorest communities near the Yamuna River, by offering a free education to the children who live and work in the slums, so that they might have a chance to lift themselves up out of poverty.