R210 multi

MO 326 N4

K216 teal

W325 coral peach

SHO 271 black

MO 24 red

SHO 271 red

MO 25 teal

MO 24 teal

MO 305 red

K216 black

AJ WORD- joy silver

AJ WORD- love silver

AJ WORD -yoga silver

AJ WORD- gypsy silver

NAJ59-N natural bone

NAJ59-N teal


W325 natural bone

W325 red

k216 natural bone

AJ WORD-dream silver

AJ WORD-peace silver

NAJ59-N red

SHO 271 teal

MO 55 red

Arizona meets Tibet line

A288 teal

A288 coral peach

NAJ59-N purple

W325 black

MO 305 teal

MO 325 N3

K216 purple

Mo 24 black

MO 324 N2

Each and every necklace handcrafted with love by our artisan women in rural India

A288 black

AJ WORD- laugh silver

NAJ59-N black

NAJ59-N coral peach

R211 multi

MO 323 N1

W325 teal

SHO 40 red

MO 280

K216 maroon

SHO 271 natural bone