​​Beauty in The Breakdown at the 2015 Hollywood Music in the Media awards

Dlan Riley Snyder, LA Jan.2016

For the PRESS

Elyse Luthman, pre-Grammy awards in LA, January 2016

Chad Roberts at the pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles January 2016

Conner Dennis, Los Angeles, January 2016


Chris Coulson, basist of UNSET and AUTHENTIC SELLOUT sporting Salt and Spice Jewelry's mens bracelets

Angela Pavese's L'IMPERFECT I blog

Beauty in the Breakdown sporting our N106 earrings, Los Angeles January 2016


Noland Ammon

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Joey Luthman, Los Angeles pre-Grammy awards evening gala, january 2016


MaatiBaani in concert, New Delhi Dec. 2015

Kenton Duty

Zach Callison

Bianca and Chiara, the D'Ambrosio Twins, at the pre-Grammy awards party sporting Salt and Spice Jewelry Bracelets, January 2016

Fashion Secrets of a Pretty Girl blog

Shawn Jermaine

 Maati Baani, concert in Mumbai Dec. 2015