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WAITING FOR ETERNITY by photographer Tamara Fornetani, a good friend and great philantropist from Italy.

It is common belief in India that a woman without a man by her side is worthless.

This is the reason why when a woman loses her husband, especially in the rural areas, she is stripped of all her possessions, her head shaved, and shunned from her home with nothing but a white cotton sari on her back. More often than one would want to think, these women are abused and exploited, sometimes by the very people that "take care" of them.

When we first came in contact with a group of these widows we were amazed at how many of these women fight for mere survival on an everyday basis.

Some of them have small children with them as well, living on the streets.

It is heartbreaking.

So we have decided to work in close contact with a group of them, giving them employment and EMPOWERING them to help themselves and their children.

Our Dedication to helping the widows in Vrindavan